No More Road Flooding in the Village?


 Operation Watershed Funds Flood Alleviation Measures

Let’s hope that scenes like the one above are a thing of the past, thanks to Operation Watershed, a West Sussex Council Council initiative to fund highways drainage and associated environmental improvements. Here in West Lavington,  Operation Watershed funding was used to lay two large pipes to improve the flow of Costers Brook at the bridge on Selham Road by the back gates to Cowdray House.

As we all know, in times of heavy rain, the road has flooded badly and in recent years, has been impassable on several occasions. Strengthening work to the bridge some years ago meant the flow of Costers Brook was constricted and water backed up badly, flooding the roads and gardens of properties nearby. Whilst the new pipes haven’t been tested in extreme conditions yet (winter has been relatively kind this year!) they were clearly in action in November.


bridge 2

 Highways Improve Drainage in Selham Road

The village has also benefitted from work carried out by the Highways Department to improve the drainage on Selham road at the junction with Oaklands Lane. A blocked drain and a broken pipe under the road meant that in heavy rain,  run-off from the road poured into the gardens of several houses and scoured the adjacent drives and bridle way. A new drain and pipe under the road have been fitted so, fingers crossed, we won’t see any more problems here either.

culvert selham rd

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