Parish Council

Meet Your Councillors

There are currently 7 Parish Councillors for West Lavington- you can find out more about them and how to contact them here.

Parish Clerk

We are currently looking for a new Parish Clerk. If you would like to contact The Parish Council please contact the Chairman or send us an  email here.

Parish Council Meetings

We have 6 meetings a year and dates for future meetings are as follows:


Tuesday 9th January

Tuesday 13th March

Tuesday 8th May* Followed by The Annual Meeting

Tuesday July 10th

Tuesday September 11th

Tuesday November 13th


All Meetings are held at 7.30 pm in The Royal Oak, except for those (*) held together with the Annual Meetings which are held at Pendean House Nursing Home (The AGM starts at approximately 8.30pm.)

Agenda For Next Meeting

The Agenda or the next meeting is published two weeks in advance of the meeting date. You will find it here.

Minutes from Previous Meetings

Minutes from Previous Parish Council Meetings  are available here and form The last Annual Parish Meeting are available here

Annual Return

You can find a copy of the latest Annual Return here.

Becoming a Parish Councillor

Elections to the Parish Council are held every 4 years and the next election in West Lavington will be in May 2015.

Find out more about becoming a Parish Councillor here.

The Role of The Parish Council

The duties of the Parish Council will vary according to the size of the Parish. We are a small Parish Council with approximately 250 householders to represent. Our main interests are:

If you would like to find out more about the duties and responsibilities of a Parish Councillor, click here.